Draw. Create. Let nature provide the rest.

Welcome to Nolley Art House Online!

2020 is a unique time in history when we can delve into new ways to connect with each other. An online platform is perfect for just that! That's why Nolley Art House is going toward a more online presence through videos. As the year progresses, we will continually add videos, linked through our classes page. Please periodically check in to see what's new!

Our Heart is to celebrate in the arts with you! So, we...

  • teach art classes, including free online videos
  • sell original artwork 
  • offer unique art experiences

Our Vision: To engage with the world creatively, in spaces that nurture our hearts, bolster our mindfulness, and realize our dreams.

About Us


art and mindfulness

 Jesse's pedagogy in instructional art stems from a dual platform: to incorporate life lessons and dedicate time to people. Her approach is personalized to the individual by helping them develop in their art journey. She is passionate about growing through art; to explore with a mindful approach.


building your skill-set

To learn basic drawing technique, Nolley Art House provides an array of classes. These art tutorials are usually conducted through the media of charcoal and soft pastels.


atmosphere determines momentum

 We are influenced by that with which we surround ourselves.
Nolley Art House is built on this idea: atmosphere is key to healthy personal  growth. Inspiring spaces, such as a deciduous forest, a historic site, or your favorite comfy chair can bolster creativity.